small red car passing a large truck on the highway

The Right Way to Pass a Truck

Know the "No-Zone"

The American Trucking Association estimates that upwards of 75% of trucking accidents are caused by passenger cars and other motorists on the road. Often, conditions leading to these crashes involve improper passing or drivers cutting off the truck. Because of the weight of these vehicles, they require much more stopping distance than your standard mid-size sedan.

However, the growing number of truck crashes annually proves that drivers are still unaware of the right way to pass these large vehicles. Here's what you need to know.

What is a Truck’s Blind Spot?

Known as the "no zone," each side of a large truck has a blind spot. This extends 200 feet to the back of the truck, 20 feet to the front, and within 30 feet to the left and right. It's important to remember that the blind spot to the right may extend up to two lanes. When driving near a large truck, motorists should avoid being in these blind spots. If you need to pass, try not to be in the blind spot for too long.

Techniques for Driving Around Trucks

Understandably, many people may experience anxiety when driving near a large truck. However, that does not mean that you should be driving recklessly to avoid them. Here are a few techniques you can use to make the trip easier:

  • Avoid passing a truck on a bridge or roadway that has limited space.
  • Remember that trucks make wide turns, so avoid being in the blind spot when turning.
  • Allow more room than you think you need between your vehicle and a truck.
  • Be alert to changing road conditions that may cause merging lanes.

And lastly, if you cannot see the driver, they cannot see you.

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