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Summertime Truck Accidents: What Motorists Need to Know

Truck Crashes Increase Through the Summer

Summer is here, and while that spells trouble for motorcyclists and car drivers nationwide, it also is problematic for truck drivers. Many already know that more car accidents happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day than any other time of year, but did you know that this is also when truck accidents start increasing?

According to the National Safety Council, fatal truck crashes start hitting new highs in July, before ultimately peaking during the harvest season of September and October. But what causes that sharp increase in the middle of the summer?

Why are Late-Summer Accidents So Common?

With families getting in those final vacations before the school break is over and numerous national holidays encouraging everyone to get outside, there is no shortage of people on the roads during the summer. But the sheer number of drivers on the road isn't the primary cause for concern.

When in higher temperatures, dehydration is often frequent, which can lead to driver fatigue. Both truckers and passenger car drivers can be impacted by drowsy driving, and when that gets coupled with driving under the influence (which is frequent in the summertime), it creates a recipe for disaster. An influx in construction projects beginning during this time and teenagers learning how to drive can also mean more accidents across the board.

What Motorists Can Do

Motorists should be more aware of how their actions impact truck drivers. When heading out on road trips or teaching your teens to drive this summer, remember these five things:

  1. Trucks have blind spots on all four sides, so be cautious when changing lanes or driving where the driver can't see you.
  2. Avoid distracted and drunk driving - both can impact reaction times and make you more susceptible to accidents with all vehicles.
  3. Allow more turning clearance for a truck and avoid trying to cut around them.
  4. If you need to pull over, get entirely off the roadway.
  5. If you need to pass a truck on either side, do so quickly and avoid lingering in their blind spots.

Making smarter decisions when driving on the roads with large trucks and commercial vehicles can make those summer drives easier for all motorists.

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