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Why Summer Months are Dangerous for Motorcycle Riders

More Accidents Happen in the Summer

Consistent with most motor vehicle accident trends, motorcycle crashes tend to increase during the summer. Riders who have been keeping their bikes in storage during the winter months are finally able to get back on the road, and unfortunately, this means that we see an increase in these types of accidents during this season.

Since motorcycle fatalities hit their peak at the end of the summer in August, it is crucial to know what are some of the greatest contributing factors to these accidents and how we can prevent them.

Helmet Usage

Since Louisiana reinstated its universal helmet law in 2004, there has been a notable increase in the number of helmets seen on the day-to-day. However, there has not been a sizable decrease in the number of fatalities recorded. In fact, motorcycle fatalities actually increased in the years following. This may point to a greater overall issue that cannot be eliminated by motorcyclists alone.

Distracted Driving Increases into 2010s

Driver distractions have changed over the years, but what once was only radio stations and billboards has turned into electronic devices and smart vehicle technology. Thousands of injuries and deaths occur because of distractions and driver inattention every year, and motorcycle riders are some of the most affected.

When a driver in a passenger car isn’t paying attention, they are more likely to not notice other vehicles on the road and can easily lose control of their own steering wheel. Because of this, nearly 75% of motorcycle crashes involve collisions with other vehicles. During the summer, there is also an extra layer of young or inexperienced drivers spending more time on the roads and likely engaging in distracted driving, which adds to the cause for concern.

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Motorcycle riders should never have to worry about their road safety being compromised by another driver, but this is unfortunately all too common across the country. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of a collision with another vehicle, call (337) 222-3434 to get in touch with our team today.