Pedestrian Safety Tips for Halloween

Pedestrian Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween can be an exciting time for small children and families alike. However, while out and about, families may face countless distractions that could lead to dangerous consequences if they are not careful.

In fact, a recent 42-year study found the risk of pedestrian fatality was 43% higher on Halloween, and the average Halloween resulted in 4 additional deaths.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure safety for you and your loved ones this Halloween to prevent unwanted injuries or accidents. Here are some essential safety tips to keep in mind as a pedestrian for trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Wear Bright Colors

Since it gets darker earlier in the day, it may be difficult for vehicles to spot small children trick-or-treating. It is recommended to incorporate bright colors or add reflective tape to your costume so that cars can visibly see you from a reasonable distance. Consider providing children with reflective items such as wristbands, glow sticks, and tape to make them more visible to drivers on the road.

Always Cross at Crosswalks

Pedestrians should always follow important road rules, not only on Halloween but every day when walking. This includes:

  • Obeying traffic signals and traffic officers
  • Crossing at crosswalks, intersections, and street corners
  • Walking on sidewalks whenever possible. If there is no sidewalk, walk as far from traffic and facing traffic
  • Watching for cars backing up in driveways (or entering driveways)

Having someone supervise small children trick-or-treating can also provide adequate safety precautions.

Put Electronic Devices Away When Walking

Electronic devices can serve as a primary cause of distraction, especially when crossing the street. We remind adults and children to put all electronic devices away and keep their heads up when walking the roads to be aware of upcoming vehicles and be vigilant against impaired or irresponsible drivers.

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